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Wheel Balancer

wheel balancer

The Most Versatile Wheel Balancer With TouchSpin™ Technology.

WB101 - The World’s Simplest Balancing System With TouchSpin™ Technology.

To enhance the versatility of the machine and automatic data entry it features premium software. STEMCO Equipment™’s WB101 gives you everything you need to complete the balancing of wheels with safety, speed, and accuracy. This revolutionary piece of equipment comes standard with an integrated pneumatic wheel lift, Budd medium duty cone, backing spacer, and wingnut. If you're looking for an advanced, affordable, simple, and quick way to balance your wheels, tires choose the STEMCO Equipment™’s WB101.

Benefits Of The STEMCO Equipment™ Heavy Duty Wheel Balancers.

  • Automatic stop at 12 o'clock for weight placement.
  • Easy tape weight functions to enhance static and dynamic balances.
  • Great versatility, will easily handle tire widths from 1.5” to 22” and wheel diameters from 10” to 30”.
  • Ruggedly reliable and engineered for years of high volume use.

Precise And Dependable.

For the fleet or tire shop, this system makes an easy operation out of the most complicated balancing procedures.

Safe And Quick.

Pneumatic lift and fast cycle times resulting in an accurate reading on any wheel to within one gram. Ruggedly designed to be safe yet powerful enough for the heaviest commercial wheels in the U.S.

Absolute Versatility.

Designed for commercial vehicle applications. Accessories can be added for light, medium duty trucks, and automotive. Full range of truck and automotive software included.

Easy Operation.

This fully functional easy to use and operate diagnostic machine gives any shop the ability to determine the needs of the wheel and place it back to a true balance. Interactive inputs guide the operator during all steps of the balancing process.

For more information on the STEMCO Wheel Balancer, contact a STEMCO sales representative, find your nearest STEMCO distributor, or order online.